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This is a great way to Get fit with Jillian Michaels, She’s helped millions reach their goals and now the world’s leading fitness expert and nutritionist will guide app users through every step of the way to reach their own goals. For anyone who has ever wanted Jillian Michaels to be their personal trainer and coach, this is the answer! Jillian takes all the guesswork out of the equation and provides you with all the tools needed to succeed. Motivation, detailed instruction, totally customizable exercise regimens, and detailed meal plans co-created with renown chefs. Visit to learn more.Get fit with Jillian Michaels

This amazing app contains an infinite variety of fully interactive, customized daily workouts, or users can choose from one of Jillian’s specifically tailored programs. It’s for individuals of ALL fitness levels, from total newbie to super advanced that wants to Get Fit with Jillian Michaels.

Get Fit with Jillian MichaelsGet Fit with Jillian Michaels it’s Completely Interactive. Swap out exercises to personalize your workouts. Increase or decrease the intensity at any time and Jillian will respond! Choose from over 550 Unique Exercises that include an HD video to help perfect your form. Pick Your Music and dynamically match the tempo to the pace of your workout. Sync Your Workouts with Health & MyFitnessPal apps. It’s Bluetooth Compatible with most Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

Jillian Michaels is the foremost fitness expert in the world and a renowned life coach. Through her platforms, she has built an international community of followers 100 million + strong.

Furthering her commitment to help as many people as possible, Jillian’s current projects include the re-launch of, a re-engineered app allowing users to train with Jillian both in preset and dynamic workouts, as well as a “Private Club” for members to stream live workout sessions with her; the Jillian Michaels app to provide over 50 personalized workout and nutrition plans with more content consistently added; FitFusion, considered the “Netflix” of fitness for its compilation of the best trainers and workouts; and her most recent book, Yeah Baby!: The Modern Mama’s Guide to Mastering Pregnancy, Having a Healthy Baby, and Bouncing Back Better Than Ever , which is available now.

Get Fit with Jillian Michaels

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